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  • When is a good time to start ACT/SAT Prep?
    The short answer is the earlier the better. Middle school is a great time to make sure students have a solid foundation set. If students learn good techniques to master content, they will have a more fruitful high-school career and will be better prepared for standardized testing.
  • How effective is studying on your own when preparing for the ACT/SAT?
    Some students are great self-learners. Autodidactic students usually have less stress when figuring out things on their own. Even then, it may take more time for these students to learn the information needed to higher scores. Having a great program and instructor can save time and help increase the chances of achieving goal scores.
  • What is the best approach to studying for the ACT/SAT?
    Spaced repetition is the most effective form of studying for standardized tests. Both the ACT and SAT test content knowledge. Students must be able to recall a lot of rules and show mastery of key skills. Practicing frequently for shorter periods of time helps to strengthen recall. Five 20-30 minutes sessions over a week is more effective in strengthening recall than one 2-hour session in the same window of time.
  • What is the hourly cost for a 1-on-1 session?
    Session cost varies by subject matter: test prep sessions are $55/hr and math, english, and science help is $50/hr.
  • How often are new students accepted?
    Yes! To add a picture follow these simple steps:
  • What is educational equity?
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