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Lynnae Hall

No matter what Ray Allister is doing, he is a true inspiration to so many. I can make this statement with confidence, because he has been a great influence in my son's life. Over the past five years, Ray has mentored my son Hampton, tutored him in every main subject, and on occasion has been Hampton's primary teacher. No doubt, Ray has become a trustworthy friend to our family. Ray has a unique ability connecting with people - not only in his gift of teaching and communication, but in discerning a person's gifts, talents and their potential. I can say from my own experience with Ray, he is able to help a person accomplish goals and gain results. He only sees the very best in others. His kind heart causes him to go the extra mile with anyone in need. It is an honor to write a recommendation for Ray Allister. His life speaks of character, values, determination and faith. No doubt, he is a man of integrity . I am thankful he has been a huge part of my son's life, both in academics and in friendship. Ray is an exceptional person who will do exceptional things!


Lynnae Hall


Before I started ACT preparation, I was skeptical: I did not believe that simply studying for the ACT test with a tutor and really understanding the test in general would benefit my score in a radical way. I needed serious scoring improvement if I wanted to even think about attending the school of my dreams. My entire mindset changed, however, after I was tutored by Ray. Under his studying program, which he specifically designed for me, I was able to not only learn about the ACT test in general (i.e., how many questions were on the test, how the questions were divided, etc.), I was also able to learn what areas I was weakest in and how to improve in them. After studying countless hours with such a dedicated and caring tutor, I was able to face the ACT head on. I was no longer scared of how I might do on the ACT, I was certain that I would do well on it. Ray and his countless efforts to help me learn and understand each aspect of the ACT test allowed for me to improve my score a total of 5 composite points. Five points, in terms of the ACT, is a huge amount, and I owe it all to this program with Ray. Overall, my experience with Ray and his talent as an ACT tutor was nothing short of amazing. With this program, you not only get the benefit of a qualified and talented tutor who will cater to each need you have when it comes to this test, but you will also gain a confidant who is focused on bettering your future and will stop at nothing to make sure you get there. Thanks to Ray, I now attend Auburn University on a full academic scholarship. I recommend him, as well as this program, to anyone who needs improvement with their ACT scores. With hard work and the help and care of Ray and this program, countless opportunities will be opened for you.

Haley Kozuch

Prior to beginning ACT prep with Ray, studying for the ACT was pretty much the bane of my existence, and getting the score I needed for scholarships seemed unattainable. Working with Ray brought my worries back down to earth. He helped me compartmentalize the pieces of the test. He taught me that it's not so much about how smart you are, but rather learning to predict and understand how they write the test. Overall, I felt much more confident going in to take the ACT after working with Ray. I have absolutely no regrets about signing up for tutoring. It was well worth it in my book. Thanks for all the help Ray; You’re the bomb!
Hope everything goes well!

Dana Beck

I just wanted to say that I loved that you used different methods, like using the computer on learning how to beat the ACT. You were the first person I have seen use the computer like that. I also loved that I could study all the stuff we went over, the week before, in case I forgot anything from the session before.

Graham Brady

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