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Facetime - Ray Allister

Facetime - Ray Allister

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The Journey of Learning

Each person is a sum total of their  life experiences. The roads we travel are not always straight or smooth, but  the challenges we face along our paths, paired with a growth mindset, often bring our most valuable traits. I definitely did not understand, or enjoy, every portion of my journey, but I am very thankful that I experienced each part: they were my training grounds. The video above is just a peek into some of the events that led to who I am today, as well as my educational outlooks.



Joseph Roberts

Mr. Roberts comes to us with over 20 years of teaching and tutoring experience. Among other awards he has had the honor of being chosen as the 2021 Teacher of the Year at Liberty Middle and has been featured on several podcasts, and articles. He was also featured in the book "Questioning for Formative Feedback: Meaningful Dialogue to Improve Learning". He is a gifted educator and has developed and implemented methods of connecting, correcting and directing young people to live happier more fulfilled lives.

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